Propagating Strawberries

Over a year ago, I planted some strawberry plants in a basket and forgot all about them.

Around came 2020 and I, like a lot of people, became obsessed with planting vegetables and baking banana bread.  I found the bedraggled strawberry plants and thought – can I revive them?

I transplanted them to a bigger pot, gave them a trim, and put them in sunny spot.  Miracles happened, they grew like crazy and out of sheer luck, I managed to harvest some strawberries.

And so to my first attempt at propagation…… 

After the harvest, runners started escaping out of the pot, trailing for their lives to find anywhere to root themselves.  I even found some rooting into the tarmac of my drive.

I found it really fascinating to see the survival tactics of this miracle strawberry plant.  I rescued 4 healthy runners, that had grown 3 or 4 healthy leaves.  I nestled the tiny roots into individual pots of compost and pushed them down a little so they were secure.  After a water, I left them alone for about four weeks so the roots could establish, keeping them attached to the parent plant.

Once a few weeks had passed, a healthy root system had established.

Strawberry Roots

It was time to separate the new plants from the parent plant, simply by cutting the runner.

The new plants have been left in a place I can see them this time, so not to be forgotten.

I will keep you posted………………….. 

Keeping you posted

I thought I would update you on the strawberries that were propagated.  Here we have our first harvest and more are still ripening.  I had to distract the blackbirds, but managed to save these ones.  Roll on Wimbledon!

Get in touch…..

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