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the story so far……

wild garden

Arriving early to view our potential new home, with no estate agent in sight, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the back of the house (that’s me in the picture taking it all in) that opened up into what seemed to be a secret garden, revealing its magic as we ventured further into it.

wild garden

A little summer house peaked through a cherry blossom tree, which hid the remnants of a cold frame, veggie patch and another garage next to a back gate.  The more I explored, the more I felt at home, before even inspecting the house.

bluebells geum

It was a forgotten garden, ready to be found and brought back to life.  Little did I know how much that garden was going to give back to me.

So what did we do first?…..


First things first….. 


Before renovations could begin on the house or the garden, we had to “clear the decks”.


tree felling


tree felling

Towering Leylandii Front

The towering Leylandii at the side of the house were causing underlying damage to drains and reaching up over the roof of the house, so needed to come down.




The driveway needed widening and resurfacing and a supporting wall was built to line its length.

Towering Leylandii Back Garden



There were also overgrown Leylandii in part of the back garden which were infringing on our garage, the neighbour’s house and blocking all light onto our back lawn, hence the moss.  In its place we built a large decking area, where I have visions of a tropical paradise.

What’s next?…..

Well, I have had six years to see where the sun lies throughout the day, take note of the different views from the house, experience how different sections of the garden feel and figure out the best spot for a sit down and a glass of wine.  So I have a starting point of 10 separate zones that I would like to tackle.  No doubt this will change as the garden grows.

For more detail click on the link below and take a look at the map of the garden…..

1.   Up Front

2.   House Perimeter

3.   Monkey Puzzle Patch

4.   Winter Corner

5.   The Deck

6.   A Sheltered Spot

7.   Woodland Trail

8.   Up the Garden Path

9.   Potager Patch

10.  A sunny spot


Check out the link below to see a map of the garden.

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