Feed the Birds

Trees very much dominate the area where we have moved to.  In turn I have been lucky enough to watch and listen to a much wider variety and number of birds. 

Every morning a wee robin appears from the hedge outside our back door.  It seems to have found a home there and often follows me around the garden, hoping to find worms wherever I last laid my spade.  Blue tits flutter wildly back and forwards between the hedgerows in the morning and by sunset, I really enjoy a moment where I can just listen to the birdsong before the last minutes of daylight tuck in for the night. 

In Winter, the birds could do with a helping hand so the kids and I made a few treats for them to pick at.  


The first feeder is really simple – just a case of threading apple slices onto some garden wire, formed into a hook, ready to hang on a nearby tree.


Following the same principle, the second feeder uses unsalted, unbuttered popcorn.

For a delicious treat, take a hollowed orange half and thread some garden wire through the top.  I have then mixed 1 part melted lard with 1 part flour, 2 parts oats and 1 part birdseed.  I also added some chopped nuts.  Simply mould into the orange skin and leave to set.

Not just a nutritious treat for the birds, but they look good too

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