Jobs to do in the Garden in September

Gardening jobs in September are a mixture of reaping the rewards and planning for winter and spring.  I have always felt a little gloomy upon the arrival of September.  It signals the end of summer and long sunny days.  This is a time of year when my anxiety often rears its head, so I like to plan lots of jobs in the garden to keep me busy, grounded, fit and healthy.

Achillea can be divided in September

Pruning & Tidying in September


poppy seed heads

Sow as you Grow in September

apple harvest

Fruit and Veg in September

  • Sow hardy greens such as kale and pak choi
  • Sow hardy beans and peas
  • Pick apples and pears
  • Pot on herbs and keep on a windowsill over winter
  • Plant onions and shallots
  • Trim away pumpkin leaves to allow light to ripen the fruit
  • Cut away any un-ripened tomatoes, to continue to ripen indoors
  • Dig up any remaining potatoes

In the Greenhouse in September

  • Plant hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs for a Christmas display
  • Plant irises and crocuses in pots for early flowers
rake autumn leaves

More September jobs

  • Rake up leaves to prepare leafmould
  • Rake lawns
  • Wash and disinfect bird feeders
  • Net over ponds
Here are a couple of log books to get you organised…

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