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These sturdy hellebores, also known as Christmas Roses, have had various homes in my garden. At the moment, they look right at home in the Winter Patch and will continue flowering into Spring.  They like to be positioned in light shade but as long as they don’t dry out they should handle a little sunshine. Hellebores don’t like extremes – so don’t let them get too dry or too wet.  Before flowering in Winter time, I like to prune off the leathery leaves to let light and air into the plant, giving the beautiful cup shaped flowers a chance to really show off.


Quick Guide

*  Plant anytime

*  Plant in light shade, moist soil

*  Flowers January – May

*  Trim off the leaves as flowering begins

*  Mulch annually

*  Foliage is evergreen

*  Bumblebee friendly

Hydrangea “Annabelle”

I love the frothy, romantic flowers of my Hydrangea Annabelles, which contrast to the formal buxus hedging in my front garden. As an added bonus the dried flower heads keep on giving during winter, giving structure, interest and a sparkling display on frosty mornings. The dead blooms also provide protection to the new shoots. They like to be in dappled shade or full sun.  Mine get quite a lot of sun so need to be watered a lot during dry spells.


Quick Guide

*  Deciduous shrub, with white flowers upto 30cm in width

*  Plant in April or September – October

*  Plant in partial shade or full sun in moist soil but well-drained soil

*  Position south or west facing

*  Flowers July – September

*  Prune March – April.  Cut stems back to a healthy bud

Tibetan Cherry Tree

I chose the Tibetan Cherry for its “polished” mahogany bark.  Over winter, once the leaves have fallen, the coppery bark shines through over the Winter Patch.  Come springtime, delicate pale green leaves emerge followed by white flower blossom, with leaves turning golden in the Autumn.  Its a great all rounder for the year.


Quick Guide

*  Deciduous tree, growing ultimately to 8-12 metres over 20-50 years

*  Grow in sun or partial shade

*  Flowers April – May

*  Prune away any dead or damaged branches in the summertime

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