Gardening Jobs for August – sow as you grow

Aug 11, 2021 | All Posts, August

August jobs are mostly about watering, dead-heading, weeding, pruning and mowing. Lets get busy…

Deadhead Lupins

Pruning & Tidying

  • Dead-head, dead-head, dead-head to keep those blooms blooming.  My recommended secateurs
  • Cut back lavender once it has finished flowering
  • Prune wisteria
  • Cut back geraniums to the ground
  • Give support to tall plants such as hydrangeas, rudbekias, asters, echinaceas
  • Prune rambling roses once they have finished flowering
  • Trim conifer and evergreen hedges


Poppy Seed Head

Sow as you Grow


Bulbs and Tubers

  • Support dahlias and lilies
  • Pick lilies, dahlias, echinacea etc for arrangements
  • Divide irises
tomato growing

Fruit and Veg

  • Plant out brassicas and leeks
  • Keep feeding tomatoes
  • Divide chive clumps
  • Propagate strawberries using their runners
  • Shelter fruit from birds with nets

Other jobs to keep you busy

  • Keep on watering especially during dry spells
  • Regularly mow the lawn
  • Mow wild flower meadows
  • Order your Spring bulbs no so as not to be disappointed
  • Take cuttings from salvias and sedums
Here are a couple of log books to get you organised…

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