How we created a social space in the garden

Aug 8, 2021 | All Posts

The aim of this “little” project was to create a space to socialise outside.  The Deck has been the location for parties, kids play, games nights, girls nights, zoom quizzes (during lockdowns) and somewhere to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine!  

First things first……Landscaping

At the time of moving in, a corner of the back garden had been taken over by three towering Leylandii trees that were leaning precariously over the garage and the neighbour’s house.  They were looming, so as to eclipse any sunlight onto the centre of the lawn, leaving the grass damp cold and moss ridden.  Once the Leylandii came down, they left behind massive stumps so building the Deck over them seemed to be a good option.

The Decking Build

So we got the professionals in for this bit!  The Deck is about 9m in length by about 6m in width, so its a nice big space to work with.  The side of the garage creates a perfect corner nook for the decking area to sit within.  Two steps lead down to the Garden Path at one end and onto the driveway, leading to the house at the other.  Check out the map to get your bearings.


Shining a Light on it…


Can you spot me in my slippers?  So the deck stayed like this for 5 years until………..lockdown!  We decided it was time for a make-over…..

Decking Makeover

We started by giving the decking a good clean with Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver, using a Power Sprayer.

Decking Makeover

We started with a light shade undercoat for the spindles called Mid Tones by Farrow & Ball.  The top colour was Purbeck Stone by Farrow & Ball.

Decking Makeover

We used Farrow & Ball outdoor paint colour Down Pipe for the posts and bannister.

Decking Makeover

The finished makeover feels so much smarter.  I love the greens and pinks of the plants against the grey.


I would love to get some new furniture with grey tones instead of the brown, but will be saving up for those.  In the meantime I hope to slowly build up a plant scheme that brings in a tropical vibe.  I am thinking about grasses, lilies, succulents and banana plants.  What do you think – any suggestions?

Watch the Reel

There is a great article about tropical plants on the Gardeners’ World website if you’d like some more inspiration.

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