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So we made it through another school year!  What a year 2020-2021 has been, what with Covid, lockdowns, home-schooling and isolations.  I believe school children have been heroes, navigating their way through an environment that has been pretty traumatic for us adults too.  


As the school holidays arrive, I’m conscious that my kids don’t revert back to those lockdown related blues.  I want the holidays to feel like holidays for them.  I have plans to improve social spaces in the garden such as the decking area, the gazebo and an area for a fire-pit.  Lets start with something quick and easy – garden games!  Here are some we’ve tried and loved over the years…..

Jumbo Hi-Tower

A jumbo size alternative to jenga.  This pack of 58 pieces has kept our family occupied, not only with the competition of it, but my two spent ages building alternative tower challenges of all shapes and sizes.


I played swingball as a kid and I love that my own children enjoy playing it too.  I just need to see Wimbledon on TV to think: “lets get the swingball out”.

Sports Day Kit

Well I didn’t get to see any sports days this year, so I brought it home with this sports day kit.  I would say its great fun for smaller children.

Pass the Pigs

This is just a really simple garden and travel game that had us all in stitches!  Just see who gets to 100 first.

Wooden Limbo Game

How low can you go?  Not as low as I used to evidently.  I think the adults enjoyed this garden game more than the kids.  It came in a handy bag too.

Tactic Molkky

I hadnt heard about this garden game until recently.  Tactic Molkky is an alternative to skittles – the aim of the game is to get 50 points.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, my son recently tried out kayaking and paddle boarding.  There are some great inflatable options that are easily transportable.  That will be our next buy.  I’ll let your know how they turn out.

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